Are you feeling cut off from what you sense your roots are? Your path is? Do you know them yet? Are you seeking transformation you really want?

Our working together will be a process of expanding your scope of self-awareness. Seeing yourself and situations from completely new perspectives will invite conscious choices and new possibilities. I will help you see that our internal barriers are nothing but assumptions we adopt about ourselves, other people and the world around us.  Our work will help you see that these beliefs are most often not beneficial to you. I will show you how to free yourself from them and choose the beliefs that support the expected change. Our co-active work will help you restore a sense of power and deep responsibility for the life you want to live.

I will share with you the techniques that might knock your mind out of its comfort zone. Because, if your typical problem solving would have led you to where you want to be, you wouldn’t be reading this now. By activating new mechanisms of acting, thinking and feeling – you will be able to make powerful, effective choices. Those that give your live, key relationships, your work – new dimensions and a new quality.

Proposed models and solutions that I use in my approach:


  • Choice Theory and Lead Management by W. Glasser
  • Channel Partner | The Ken Blanchard Companies | Certified Trainer
    SLII® Managers. Leaders. Teams. (situational leadership) USA 2020
  • Certified Success Insights Behavioral/Motivational Analyst, TTI Internal
  • Authentic leadership
  • Theory U, Otto Schramer
  • Levels of development of F. La Loux’s
  • Team development (B. Tuckman, P. Lencioni)

Personal development

  • Choice Theory of W. Glasser
  • Works by Joe Dispenza and David Hawkins
  • Neuroscience and working with own “programs” (ineffective patterns of thought-feeling-action)
  • Holarchical models of levels of consciousness (R. Dilts, Don Beck’s Spiral Dynamisc)
  • Practices of meditation, observation (witness) and mindfulness
  • Internal Family System (coaching application)

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