Business Coaching

If you are looking for effectiveness in your business life you can choose whether you want to reach solutions via a direct and fast path, or go astray and rely somehow on the resultant of various circumstances. The thing is we rerelly  create a timespace to think this through. When you choose to talk with me you will choose to give yourself this quality time to make your best choices. You are worth it.

Are you facing a particular challenge in realization of your business goals that you cannot overcome? Do you need some guidance of how to incorporate new ways of acting and activate your undiscovered potential? So that you can achieve the assumed goals and as a result – lead a more effective, more fulfilled professional life?

Business coaching is worth applying when:

  • You have the knowledge of how to achieve a given goal, but for various reasons, you are failing
  • You feel like an expert on your plot, but the challenges of working with other people make it difficult to get the job done
  • You encounter problems in cooperation with your boss, colleagues from your team or other people in the project group or other stakeholders
  • You fail to build the right team that will achieve your goals at a high level
  • You are part of a conflict or you are experiencing a conflict in your team of subordinates
  • You have the status of a “talent”, “high potential”, you have an ambitious development plan or you are on a specific succession path and need support on this path
  • You are not sure if what you do in your professional life is your real calling or if your current job is the right place for you

During a coaching process, I assume that you are a complete, whole, full of possibilities being. The purpose of my work is to help you accurately define meaningful, inspiring goals for you and find resources in yourself to get what you want. I help you define the competences and talents you have and name those that need to be developed. Typically, if you want something new we need to see who you need to become to get there. Then, I help you to define what and how you can influence in the external world around you to be able to achieve these goals. Finally you plan specific actions and I accompany you in the process of stepping into new ways of being, thinking and acting.

We work together on anchoring goals in energy to achieve them, finding new opportunities in you and unlocking the forces you need. But also I help you to addres the internal saboteurs who often stand in the way, telling you that some things are not possible.

The work werk we do pretty ofte focuses on behaviors and skills as well as (self)beliefs and values which you would like to go through a change for. My role is to encourage you to take new actions which dramitially change your results. This work you shall find as an interesting one as it allows you to discover resources that are also highly aplicable in non-professional situations.

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